Armies of anonymous digital consumers and online shoppers have less of an opportunity to socialise and to experience (diverse) intercultural and generational social settings, and hence experience less and less local, community-centred interaction and culture. In short, the over-use of Digital Age technology has the potential to hollow out our social and cultural existence


Digital Age tools like the internet/social media are supposed to bring us closer together, yet there are cultural disconnects that digital tech use appears to be enhancing. Cultural icons of yesteryear have cottoned on and are, thankfully, beginning to speak out: levelling criticism squarely at ‘millennials’ for allowing this to happen on their watch |


The (stated, echoed) meaning of particular universally understood (emotive) concepts and words has been shifting with increasing speed in the Digital Age. Some see this as progress, others aren’t so sure. Examples of 20th vs. 21st century cultural-normative Digital Divergence:

Progress: Enhancement of the human condition
Progress: Technological advancement and growth in total GDP

British/Western values: Personal responsibility and integrity, pragmatism, stoicism, and fair play, community mindedness, empathy, charity, and forgiveness (Christian ethics), and respect for the rights of the individual and the rule of law
British/Western values: “Tolerance and diversity”

Racism/Sexism: The belief that ones race/sex is superior to another
Homophobia: Fear of homosexuals/homosexuality
Misogyny: Hatred of females
Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Misogyny: Words or acts with negative connotations directed by a member of a group subjectively deemed ‘privileged’ at (a) person(s) of a distinct ethnic group/sex/sexual orientation/gender (identity)


Theatrical productions

(Antisocial) Home entertainment vs. Decline of theatre & cinema
Piracy/Sreaming vs. Creative industry revenues

Sporting Spectacles

Culture of enjoying live sport in (social) public places
Ticket Touting vs. online resale market failures

Catch up ‘Binging’ behaviours



Napster Revolution
Entertainment centricity vs. quality
Ticket Touting



Modern Art
Decline of hand-crafts
3D printers
Digital forgeries


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