Ecological Interference

Dirty Energy

Clean Energy

Other Well-being Issues

Environmental degradation

Uninhabitable Wastelands

Aesthetic Ruination

Resource Depletion

Stealing to Fund a Habit

Feeding addiction

Ecological Interference

Dirty Energy

Nuclear (ionising)

The increasingly widespread utilisation of nuclear science in the energy and ‘defence’ industries, plus international proliferation of nuclear weapon development, pose a significant threat to earth’s ecology | wikipedia.org

  • Apocalyptic eradication of life (e.g. under MAD) | wikipedia.org
  • Risk of nuclear power plant breach/meltdown | theguardian.com
  • Health issues experienced near related installations | dailymail.co.uk
  • Problem posed by the ‘safe’ storage of nuclear waste | bbc.co.uk
Electrosmog (non-ionising)

Anthropogenic electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution is a topic that has got a little lost in the fog of the much maligned connections made between heavy mobile phone (call) use, thermal effects, and cancer; not least due to counter-progressive and utterly anti-democratic/inhumane industry sponsored campaigns of doubt, misinformation, and ‘regulatory/agency capture‘ | mobilizemovie.com

This mistiness is extremely unfortunate given the fact that quite a number of disturbances in normal human, animal, and plant health and functioning may be triggered and/or exacerbated by levels of exposure that are becoming increasingly ‘ordinary’. Even relatively low intensity non-ionising non-thermal EMFs can cause harm | emfanalysis.com

Put simply, biological life has not evolved to have to deal with quite so much radiation. Natural levels from the sun and earth are millions of times lower than those many environments are now exposed to | Resonance Documentary

Microwave (MW) radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is of particular concern, having been implicated in the decline of pollinators like honey bees and a growing range of human mental and physical health and developmental conditions | saferemr.com

Today RFR is emitted, here there and everywhere (especially built up areas), by a dizzying array of masts, antennae, and gadgets e.g. ‘the internet of things’ (IoT). These include: mobile/cell and cordless (DECT) phones/base stations, tablets, ‘smart’ phones, ‘smart’ meters, and other ‘smart’ appliances, plus other wireless devices/routers (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc) | whatis5g.info

    • Avoid personal use of RFR – replace or stop using RFR emitting devices
    • Minimise personal use of RFR – reduce RFR service use (WiFi/3G/4G)
    • Minimise environmental exposure – particularly where you sleep
    • Consider shielding – if necessary and avoid ELF EMFs | electricsense.com
    • Buy an RF/EMF meter – survey and adapt your home/work environment
    • Spread the word – friends/family/colleagues | generationzapped.com
Artificial Light

Optical exposure to ‘blue light’ – emitted by certain types of fluorescent and light-emitting diode (LED) lights (as well as many modern mobile devices) – enhances the risk of sleep disturbance, retinal disease, and even cancer. Open compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) also emit carcinogenic ultraviolet (UV) radiation | ec.europa.eu

UV is also emitted by UV lamps/solariums/tanning beds and, besides cancer, exposure is associated with the development of wrinkles, liver spots, moles, and freckles – with health effects cumulative over our lifetime | WHO.int

Fluorescent bulbs contain (toxic) mercury and some lamps also have a flicker that can cause eyestrain, cognitive deficits, and headaches/migraines e.g. in individuals with light sensitivity and a number of chronic health/developmental conditions | wikipedia.org

Frequent exposure to infrared light can cause ageing effects, prolonged exposure: thermal burns, and exposure of the face – in the absence of protective googles: damage to the eye lens | herschel-infrared.com

Lasers may irreversibly damage the retina of the eye, even at relatively low power intensity. Allowing them to become widely commercially available, unregulated ‘toys’ was unwise to say the least | bbc.co.uk

  • Use blue light filters – remove most of the blue light from LEDs
  • Warm white’ frequency lamps – lowest level of melatonin suppression
  • Lamps lacking magnetic ballasts – produce a negligible flicker effect
  • Encapsulated CFLs – The ‘double envelope’ variety mitigates UV radiation
  • Use infrared protected/sparingly Remember near infrared penetrates deeply

Clean Energy

‘Grounding’ or ‘Earthing’ equipment is designed to electrically link us to the ground e.g. using conductive accessories, rods, and connectors. This enables us to discharge unhealthy energy (including ‘dirty energy’) and to reconnect with mother nature’s earthy, healing energy | mercola.com

Other Physical Well-being Issues

Spending hours ‘plugged into’ (mobile) devices can be harmful in other ways:

  • Distracted-walking incidents (thousands of injuries p.a.)
  • Distracted-driving incidents (hundreds of thousands of injuries p.a.)
  • Geolocation based apps e.g. Pokémon Go vs. individual safety/security
  • Staring at devices can can dry out, irritate, and strain eyes
  • Leaning/slumping forward to use devices can strain neck/upper back
  • Repetitive actions like texting/tapping/gripping can cause joint problems
  • Cut down on use of these devices
  • Only use them when safe/secure to do so
  • Follow ’20-20-20′ rule: look at object 20ft+ away, for 20s, every 20m
  • Keep screens mostly a minimum of arm’s length away from you
  • Keep screens mostly near eye level and be conscious of posture
  • Match screen light to ambient environment light
  • Use auto text/voice features to reduce risk of RSI type pain
  • Use stretching, hot and cold heat treatment, and resting to mitigate pain

Environmental degradation

Uninhabitable Wastelands

Like most ‘modern’ industries, digital electronics has a massive environmental footprint. The toll that related exploitation of land and raw materials is placing on our planet’s ecosystems and affected communities is truly immense, and growing every day – all in the name of ‘progress’ | theguardian.com

Aesthetic Ruination

Besides the social and ecological debasement of some of the world’s richest sources of cultural and environmental capital, meeting the demands of digital-age consumerism is also turning some of the prettiest parts of the world into ugly, baron landscapes | greenpeace.org

Resource depletion

Stealing to Fund a Habit

There are scores of different metals, minerals and compounds inside every mobile/smart device out there. Some are toxic, many increasingly scarce – with the modes of extraction, production, distribution, recycling, replacement and disposal invariably costing the earth

Feeding Addiction

The digital tech industry will need to secure the continued cooperation of key stakeholders (chielfly: consumers and regulators) and to prospect, invest, innovate, rape the earth and recycle the spoils like never before if current consumption is to be sustained | techradar.com


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