21st century politicians are more tech/media savvy than ever and the airbrushed elites feel less human, and increasingly ‘out of touch’, by the day; everything we see, read, and hear seems to be a neatly clipped, PR sanctioned, social media friendly soundbite these days

With the exception of relatively extreme populists/demagogues, gone is the sense of grass-roots connectivity, accessibility, and pragmatism  from mainstream political presentation. Everything is scripted, rehearsed, and re-rehearsed, edited, and re-edited – never mind cyborg bedfellows, at this rate we can expect robo-representatives to be making their way onto the ballot before long!


Social Media

Relatedly, political advisors are evermore concerned with capturing the attention, and allegiance, of the users of social media

  • Are regular/vocal users of such platforms really a good demographic to target?
  • Do they really serve as a barometer for the rest of society?
  • Should politicians really try to pander to these people?
  • Is a world of ‘twits’ spouting ‘edgy’ 140 character comments really progressive?
  • Do politicians really think they won’t fall foul, like many a colleague?
  • Is a platform that is wide open to ‘fake news’ abuse really good for democracy?


Electronic Voting

How can we be sure that voting systems are sufficiently transparent to assure us all of their legitimacy yet also secure against interference?


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