Say NO to Smart Meters –

Say NO to Smart Meters -

PDF available at link above. Transcript, follows below:

This information was originally posted on but the post was deleted and our account was banned, without explanation. We will let readers draw their own conclusions as to what this says about the nature of that particular parent/family-centric organisation.

‘Smart’ meters?
The UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has determined that energy companies will roll out so-called ‘smart’ meters across the UK by 2020. To say that there is absolutely nothing smart about this plan, or these devices, is an understatement.

We believe everyone should consider the following carefully, and encourage all readers to share this information widely, and with friends, family, and colleagues in particular.

We also encourage anyone concerned about this issue to reach out and appeal to those responsible e.g. via as many of the avenues laid out towards the end as possible. If you would like any assistance with letters of concern (LOC), then please feel free to contact us.

Only people power can put a stop to this and it will become apparent in reading the details outlined below that there is no time to lose, we must act together, decisively, and without delay.

Environmental health risk
• Smart meters near-continuously emit bursts of a type of pulsed non-ionizing radiation (NiR) called pulsed microwave (RF) electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
• Thousands of scientific studies show (pulsed) RF EMR has damaging biological effects
• Everything from plants, to the birds and the bees, & humans, are adversely affected
• Bodies including the American Association of Pediatrics are starting to recognise this
• Some of the radiation smart meters emit is “of concern” at distances in excess of 25m
• RF EMR does not respect privacy: it travels through many materials, including walls

Public health concerns
• The plan is to install 53,000,000 of these devices across the UK
• The planned network will cover in excess of 99% of the country
• All Public Health England (PHE) have so far been prepared to say, on the record, is they are “not convinced” of a link to health problems. There is plenty of direct evidence.
• Perhaps the worst indictment of all is that smart grids can work perfectly well without any need to irradiate anybody e.g. via fibre optics/other cables (as in France/Italy)

Other issues to consider
• The cost of implementing this scheme will be met by the consumer, through our bills
• Analysis shows prospective financial & energy savings are likely to be meagre
• Collected data will be used to price in such a way as to control our behaviour
• ‘Smart home’ & ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) pose data profiling, privacy, & security issues

Nature of the roll-out program
• The ownership structure of Smart Energy GB is not at all apparent
• Their communications director suggested consumers have to have smart meters
• We politely raised concerns in relation to the points noted above with Smart Energy GB
• Smart Energy GB simply blocked our community group from their social media pages

Take Action
UK petition to STOP smart meters

Public Health England

Ministry with overarching responsibility

Ministry directly responsible (BEIS)

Other relevant ministries
Department of Health:
Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs:

Contacting your MP

Additional Info
Relevant presentations

Relevant documentaries

Relevant research portals

Relevant scientific consortiums


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